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IP Blocks and Systems

Rivlan has built a number of IP functional blocks, subsystems and systems that can be provided to our customers on a fixed fee or royalty basis.  These IP blocks significantly improve and simplify the customer design effort by reducing the design time and cost.  Contact us today to discuss your IP design needs.

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RF blocks


- 2.4GHz LNA, NF = 0.8dB, IIP3 = -12dBm, S21 = 14dB in 0.18um TMSC process

- 5.2GHz Mixer, NF = 6.6dB, IIP3 = -3.9dBm, Conv.gain = 11dB in 0.18um TMSC process

- 6.6-8.0GHz VCO, PN = -153.0dBc/Hz@20MHz, PN = -117.5 dBc/Hz@0.4 MHz, in 65nm TMSC process



- 1.296GHz PLL with low spurs (<-60dBc) and 1V supply in 90nm UMC process

- Wide range (135945MHz) low jitter PLL in 90nm UMC process

- Ultra wide range (100-3200MHz) PLL in 65nm UMC process


Entire systems


- PSI2488-U9 GPON ONT SERDES with 1V and 1.2V supply in 90nm UMC process

- USB 2.0 interface in TSMC 0.18um and LSI 0.12um processes

- DVB-H TV-tuner (radio portion) in 0.13um TSMC process

- GPS receiver (radio portion) in 0.13um TSMC process





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